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About Rumpuspuss

From my family, to yours, because I know how hard it is to find a playful one-of-a-kind present both parent and child can treasure.

Hi! I’m Becky, and this is my family. I’m the founder of Rumpuspuss, mum of two, former cancer researcher, Baby Bank Network co-founder and lover of jigsaw puzzles.

Inspired by Seth, made for you

When my son turned 3, he received a personalised present and was instantly captivated, seeing his name in such a new and exciting way.

Mesmerised with fascination

I loved seeing Seth play with the shapes of his name, enjoying something that was suddenly so real. As a parent (and a scientist), I wanted to see if I could bring even more joy, by helping Seth hold those letters, and bring them into an activity we already cherished.


And so, Rumpuspuss was born!

I started working on the perfect personalised puzzle – a jigsaw made responsibly, locally, beautifully and quality-ly (ok, I made up that word).

I am proud to say that after years of hard work, my dreams have now become a reality.

Rumpuspuss creates whimsical, personalised puzzles designed and printed in the South West, for children across the country!

Let’s get going.

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