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The Rumpuspuss Wringer – Maxine

The Rumpuspuss Wringer – Maxine
20/11/2019 Becky Gilbert

Welcome back The Rumpuspuss Wringer. This month we have the all round good egg that is Maxine Kerley from Digital Bon Bons. Maxine has given me loads of help and advice on various things digital, plus her daughter has one of my puzzles! Over to Maxine…

Hello, I’m Maxine. I live in Kent with my hubby Paddy and daughter Ava. I have my own marketing business called Digital Bon Bons.

Tell us a bit about what you do

I’m a digital marketer and I work with fellow female business owners boost their marketing visibility beyond Social Media. We all fall into a scroll hole every now and then and I like to help biz owners feel empowered to try other marketing activities, such as email and Pinterest.

What was your favourite childhood toy?

Oh my goodness, so I probably had way too many because I loved (and still do) toys. Watching the Toy Story films makes me feel really sad because I just think that my toys must see me as Andy and feel abandoned ha ha. I loved my My Little Ponies, Polly Pockets (when she was tiny, not the huge giant she is now), I loved Popples, Crash Test Dummies – so many. They bring back such great memories.

What was your favourite puzzle as a child?

I remember having a few giant floor puzzles which I really liked but two of my favourites are actually ones that are now handed down to Ava, my daughter, one if of a My Little Pony and the other is of a Cabbage Patch – awww another favourite toy, all of which I still have and now Ava has them. Seriously I threw nothing away, they’ve been in the loft in bags, sad ha ha. 

What do you do to find your inner piece peace?

So Christmas just gone I decided to start doing a puzzle that we had been bought the year before. It was a Disneyland Paris one to celebrate their 25th anniversary. I thought right I’m going to do this puzzle. I hadn’t sat down and done a proper 1000 piece puzzle for years. I enjoyed every moment. I felt so calm and relaxed. It was tranquil and at the end felt so elated that I had done it myself. I’ve got a Harry Potter one waiting for me next and I can’t wait to get started because it really did bring calm and peace to my life amongst the chaos of Ava’s toys ha ha.

If you have any kids in your life, what is your favourite game to play with them?

Ava loves Hide and Seek and it really makes me smile when we play it. We try and do ridiculous hiding places which are sometimes really good or really bad because you can see where we are. Her laugh when I make her jump or she finds me just fills my heart right up.


First album that you bought?  I can’t remember album but CD was Whigfield Saturday Night and Ace of Base All that she wants

Favourite board game? Cluedo

Favourite chocolates/sweets?  Fizzy cola bottles

Favourite kid’s film now? Argh – too hard, anything Disney!

Favourite kid’s film then? The Last Unicorn

Posters on your bedroom wall? Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Five, Spice Girls

Top 3 favourite dinosaurs? Brontosaurus, Triceratops and I like the T-Rex

Thank you Maxine!

You can find Maxine at her website, on Instagram and Pinterest.

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