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Just a small business trying to make good choices

Just a small business trying to make good choices
13/11/2019 Becky Gilbert
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When you buy from a small business, you know exactly where your money is going. You’re buying a kid their new school shoes, you are paying for swimming lessons, you’ve allowed two parents to have a nice dinner on date night… The fact that you are reading this in the first place means that you support small business. Good choice. 

It is still important for small businesses to make conscious choices about how they operate. It’s difficult – often things don’t come cheap, and small business owners rarely have the option of buying in large quantities or being able to negotiate discounts. Seemingly small amounts quickly add up and eat away at any profit. One day I hope that small businesses together have the buying power to affect their suppliers, but this is not that day.

It is important to me to make sure that both my personal and business life is as waste-free, ethical and eco-friendly as possible. I really like this quote: 

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

Anne-Marie Bonneau @ZeroWasteChef

Here are some simple decisions I have made to reduce my impact whilst still offering you the high quality that you expect. It’s not perfect, but it is a start and I will always look for ways to improve.

I try to work with other small businesses whenever I can. Bonus points if they’re from Bristol! 

The lovely Laurie who drew my illustrations is from Bristol, so we could meet in person when we were planning them. My website was built by Aime from a fab little marketing agency right here in Bristol and I walk to our meetings. I print my puzzles at home, and hire a laser cutter down the road which I can walk to. My prints and frames are both made by a lovely little company based in Northamptonshire.

I don’t use any plastic packaging.

My 100% natural cotton bags are printed in the UK using environmentally-friendly methods. All my stationary is paper or cardboard, printed in the UK. My cardboard postal boxes are made in the UK by a family business and I use paper-based packing tape that is recyclable along with the box.

I reuse and recycle everything that I possible can

All the normal things you can recycle get recycled with my normal household collection. As I’m sure you know, it can be infuriating how many deliveries arrive covered in plastic or bubble wrapped. These soft plastics can’t go in the normal recycling, but I save them up and drop them to a local collection point at Tesco – they’re trialling new technologies which can turn the soft plastic back into oil, which can then be used to make new plastic. Clever hey! 

And most importantly, I make a high quality product that is sturdy enough to be played with and then kept as a keepsake. They’re hard wearing, wipe clean, and look awesome in a frame once kids have gotten too old for them. I do plan to offer custom frames one day. If that’s something you are interested in then let me know – I’d be very happy to look into it sooner for you.

So rest assured that when you buy from me – you are supporting a small business that supports other small businesses, that I am trying to make the good choice as much as I can, that I will always try to do better, and that I really do do a happy dance every time I get a new order

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