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The Rumpuspuss Wringer – Aime

The Rumpuspuss Wringer – Aime
09/10/2019 Becky Gilbert

Welcome to the first edition of The Rumpuspuss Wringer – asking the hard hitting questions you never thought to ask.  First up – the lovely Aime who built my website and is always on hand with top-notch humourous advice on all things marketing. Over to Aime…

I am Aime Cox-Tennant and I run Studio Cotton, a little marketing agency for small creative businesses.

Tell us a bit about what you do

During the day I work on brand identities, websites and marketing campaigns for indie brands including jewellers, florists, yogis, knitters, gardeners, and of course, personalised puzzle makers.

What was your favourite childhood toy?

I loved so many toys, right now all I can think about is my Littlest Pet Shop collection, but this was back in the nineties when the animals still looked like animals. I seem to remember having a vet set where I could wash blood off the animals – but that sounds too creepy to be true!

I was also waayyyyyyyy to into Beanie Babies, but I am pretty sure that continued though my teens.

What was your favourite puzzle as a child?

My nan used to by me a new Wasgij puzzle every Christmas, I still have them now and have been known to break one out from time to time.

A photo of Aime holding a very accurate photo of Aime.

What is your favourite childhood memory?

I was very lucky to go to Disneyworld in Florida around my 4th birthday. I remember we were about to leave the house, but my brother James wanted to watch the end of Ducktales first – I think I said something like “But James, we’re about to meet the real Scrooge McDuck on holiday!”.

What is your biggest unsolved puzzle in life?

I had these rocks as a kid that were gemstones encased in dirt, and you had to soak them in something – underneath was a plastic jewell that you could add to jewellery. Absolute tat and I freaking loved them. I was saving a couple of rocks for a special occasion, so I hid them in my room.

I never found them again, and wonder to this day where they could be  – although I am pretty sure my mum just binned what would have been two clumps of mud!

I found the trailer for them here!


First album that you bought? Spice by the Spice Girls, obvs.

Favourite board game? Grape Escape

Favourite chocolates/sweets? When I was a kid, wine gums. Adult me lost her sweet tooth 🙁

Favourite kid’s film now? The Lion King

Favourite kid’s film then? The Lion King

Posters on your bedroom wall? Britney Spears & Sum 41

Top 3 favourite dinosaurs? Littlefoot, Ducky and Cera

Thank you Aime!

You can find Aime and Studio Cotton on her website, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Check out Aime’s pièce de résistance (for Rumpuspuss anyway): personalise your jigsaw here – just type your name into the box and see how your puzzle would look. Clever hey!

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